Rock Creek Lights  - Rock Creek General Store 3048 N 3800 E in Hansen

 Orton Botanical Garden  - Corner of Filer Ave W and Grandview N in Twin Falls

 Casperson Christmas Lights  - Twin View Lane in Twin Falls

 The Candy Cane House  - Corner of Filer Ave. and Polk Street in Twin Falls

 The Inflatable House  - Corner of Wirsching Ave W and Grandview in Twin Falls

 Twin Falls City Park  - Block of Shoshone St N and Sixth Ave E in Twin Falls

 Lights on Aspenwood  - 459 Aspenwood Dr in Twin Falls

 The Christmas Spirit House  - 483 Bracken St in Twin Falls

 Lights on Pierce and Filer  - Pierce and Filer in Twin Falls

 Lights on Targhee  - 1708 Targhee in Twin Falls

 Barth Holiday Light Show  - 1131 Sunset Lane in Kimberly

 Rupert Town Square  - Also known as “Christmas City”

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